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Hello again! While the previous entry here gave you the Hana Yori Dango/Hana Nochi Hare locations to see around Shibuya, Harajuku and Setagaya, now let me put them in workable "food walk" itinerary so that you can at least go around them in a day before I proceed with the rest of the Shinjuku areas and eventually Tokyo Station/Odaiba areas.

Let's say your starting point is Shibuya Station → Go get some crepes at Galletoria → Proceed to Setagaya areas and get a kakigori at Wa Kitchen Kanna → VIsit Tsukushi's workplace at Tsuruya Yoshinobu → Go to Harajuku and walk down the Omotesando Road and look for that Chloe Store where Airi got her goods (and visit the Johnny's Shop to get Arashi/King & Prince/any of your Johnny's bias official shop photos if you like) → Get some smiley doughnuts at Good Town Doughnuts and Coffee → and to end the day, cap it with an evening visit to Ebisu Garden Place.

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Hello everyone! I know it's been a long overdue post but I'll be finishing this in batches of locations (Central Tokyo, Western Tokyo and Osaka, Kyoto other prefectures) in consideration of your itinerary planning. I know how hard it is to cram places you want to visit in a single place so I thought it would be just logical to group those filming locations that are at least in the same area within each other or in the same train lines (JR Yamanote/ Tokyo Metro/Toei Subway etc). I'll be adding Google Maps and pictures as well to guide you in your journey. I'll be updating this post once in a while so please stay tune at @_potatocarrot_ twitter acount for additions and changes.

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Ashita no Yakusoku episode 1 2-minute trailer hardsubbed [[1280x720]]

Feel free to comment on the font size and typeface of the subs if it's okay for you all or should I improve them. It's my first time to handle this kind of project so I appreciate any kind of feedback from anyone. :)

Link here
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Josei Jishin April 18, 2017 issue, pages 37-39
Ambush interview! Declaration of resumption of actress work directly to this magazine
Inoue Mao (30): I will not retire due to marriage.
The spring of believing and waiting for the man whom she shares a 12-year relationship

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Inoue Mao special interview [My hidden strengths might come out. I might see a new world]

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Ningen Series no. 2242 // Josei Jishin 9/29-10/6 issue PART 1

“My family hates my actress self” - Inoue Mao (28)
Rivalry with her mom. Panic disorder. Criticism on the low ratings. Retirement after marriage. The constant hell of aiming for perfection. ‘Confession of hardships’ 240-minute interview.

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I got this from a fanfic blog of a Japanese Mao and Jun fan.  I tried my best to capture the essence of the writing through my translation but I'll be very honest, the fan fiction's words are more powerful when you read them in Japanese. The words pierce your heart straight through. If you can read Japanese, try to give it a go first before reading my translation.

Original Japanese text here

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Hiyaaah friends!

I know it's been a long time since I got a translation posted in here. With that, I am really sorry.m(_ _)m

Anyways, this has been a long overdue article. Firstly, this interview is very impressive, beyond words actually. Mao-chan again impresses us with how she handles personal stuff (erm, moolah?) and gives us a peek on her daily shopping habits. Seriously, to even think of your own future and plan for it at the earliest, for sure, her future danna-sama will be a VERY lucky guy.

Oh well, enough blabbering for now. Here it goes. First part will be on money matters and the second will be about her thoughts on her acting job which will be posted later.

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intro post

Dec. 23rd, 2010 05:34 pm
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....and I fail at it.

Anyways, at last, after some thinking on our part, we decided to put up this little translation nook for all our flailing-filled read candies. I know we can't get enough of the potato and the carrot couple and their sometimes weird but love-filled antics. Let this community fill your insatiable thirst for them.

So yeah, just some reminders

♥ ALL OF THE POSTS ARE MEMBERS-LOCKED. However, since this community, has open membership, you can just join the community to view the posts.
♥ Please do not take out the translations from this community. These posts are labors of love from the both of us, hence we don't want them be posted just anywhere. Just join, we don't bite. ;P
♥ It may not be compulsory, but comments do make us smile. :)

So yeah, please wait for our first work!!! (in a few hours, it will be posted, I think)


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